About Us

About Border Homes

A home is a replication of an individual’s characteristics and plays a vital role in enhancing the family wellness. Border Homes, a boutique and family-owned business entity comprehends these values in a refined way and have successfully implemented it in our works. Our team is hand-picked based on their expertise and a pivotal set of qualities which resonate with our brand image.

We have developed a novel process which helps us to thoroughly apprehend the client’s inputs and deliver the ideal home for our clientele. Our team follows all industry regulation to ensure safety standards and provide a quality outcome for our clientele. We create customised solutions to offer unique and distinguished homes for our consumers. We have implemented a transparent system to provide regular updates to our clients at various stages of the project.

Why Choose Border Homes

A home is not just a building constructed of bricks and cement. Border Homes perceives the significance of the home and render personalised solutions to uplift our consumer’s lives. We offer integral construction services inclusive of planning, designing and construction. Our team is experienced and skilled to envision and build your dream homes at affordable budgets. Our innovative approach and exquisite works has made us the trusted and preferred premium home construction partners in the country.

Trusted and Renowned Service Providers

We have established our company in the trust of our consumers and strive hard to maintain our credibility. We have distinguished ourselves through our products and consumer service.

Constructing Standard homes for over ten years

We have over ten years experience in this premium home construction solution and have mastered the art of building standardised homes to meet our client’s requirements. It is an obligation rather than a choice.

Accredited and Recognised by National Agencies

The accolades and recognition we have received from the national and international agencies is an epitome of the acknowledgement and appreciation we have received from our peers.

Transparent Working culture

There are various elements which are involved in the process of achieving a successful project outcome. Our transparent methodology has helped us to improve consumer relations and improve our brand visibility.

Experienced and Quality management system

The progress of a company is highly dependent on the work ethics and management culture. We owe our success to the carefully drafted process, which helps us to maintain our quality standards.

Homes with ten years warranty

We are one of the few companies to extend ten years warranty period for our Premium homes. Our confidence is boosted by the quality of materials and techniques which surpass all expectations.

What's Our Vision

To create quality premium homes at affordable costs in Albury Wodonga.To redefine the standards of the construction industry by infusing family values and professional ethics.

To excel in consumer service and product quality through allegiance and motivation.

What's Our Mission

To be a pioneer in the field of premium home constructions through our example and expertise.To be a trendsetter in the segment by initiating innovative techniques in project development and consumer service.

To develop ideal properties which surpass in comfort and aesthetics in and around Albury Wodonga.

Our Approach

Our approach is structured to infuse core family values with a professional methodology to provide quality and meaningful service to our clientele. We envision transforming to improve positive living in the lives of our consumers through our premium residential homes. We have a clearly defined process which enables us to standardise our communication and outcome of the project.


Border Homes was conceptualised to improve the quality of premium homes by personalising it to need the characteristics of the individual. Our homes are provided to create inspiration and creativeness in addition to comfort, aesthetics and value. We aim to create an affirmative impact and enhance the wellness in their lives.